The Left is now pretending to be pro gun rights

Posted on June 30, 2010


There are plenty of gun-control true believers still out there, but the trendlines are all the other way. And in the sort of purplish rural districts where Democrats need to win to hold a majority in the House (think, for example, Pennsylvania), this issue is pure poison for them. Which is to say, in places where it matters, the gun-rights crowd has won this debate — decisively enough that the Dem leadership is actually cheering the Supremes’ decision insofar as it knocks this issue off the table for them in the fall. This is why I always laugh when a story sweeps the blogosphere about The One trying to grab people’s guns. He won’t do it, not because he doesn’t want to, necessarily, but because his party would never forgive him for the fallout.  But let’s not forget that four Supreme Court Justices made the case AGAINST constitutional rights.

The left has been pro gun control for decades (because they know what’s best for you) but now that the highest court in the land has essentially declared what all freedom lovers have always known, that our Constitution gives us the right to bear arms, they must pretend to be happy about it.  Now they’re trying to pat the right on the back and pretend they were pro gun rights all the time but the darn laws (that they created) kept getting in the way.  Why must they do this?  Because they want votes, principles be damned.