(Accusing people of ) Racism, making a comeback

Posted on July 19, 2010


What’s worse, being a racist or accusing someone of being a racist with no proof or provocation?  It’s one of those accusations that sticks like glue whether it’s true or not.  It’s like if you were 100% falsely accused of child molesting.  The accusation alone is enough to make everyone around you think, even for the slightest moment,  could it be true?  Damage is done.

Here’s the thing about racism… it will always exist.  It’s as impossible to eradicate as is murder.  What can be reduced with some effect is discrimination based on race.  As a society we can establish laws and even apply peer pressure that can reduce racial discrimination to an almost nonexistent level.  But you can’t legislate thoughts and feelings, which is really what racism is based on.

America has a well known history with racism from its very foundation.  The recipe for institutional racism came over on ships, it was cooked up during the founding of this great nation, devoured during our civil war, and thrown up during the fight for civil rights.  I think after that America decided it didn’t have the stomach for racial discrimination.  And I would argue that America is now one of the most racially tolerant nations in the world.

But there are those who wish to keep it alive because it’s now their business.  That is, it is literally their business.  That leads me to the irony of the NAACP.  This organization is one of the oldest and most influential civil rights organizations in the United States. Its mission is “to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination”. The irony to me is that America has undeniably moved forward, and yet the NAACP is stuck back in time, seemingly forced to create fights to fight. Does anyone really think Hallmark is producing graduation cards that talk about “black whores”? Child please.

The NAACP needs villains to fight and their newest foray is into the field of politics. Their target? The Tea Party. The attack dejour is to claim the Tea Party is a racist organization. While I’d have to admit there has to be some racists and bigots in the Tea Party, there are also racists and bigots in the NAACP. In any large organization there will be all sorts of individuals with all sorts of opinions. But that doesn’t make the organization a reflection of the very few.

Democratic Representative Cummings seems to agree with the NAACP.  He also seems to think the Tea Party is an employment agency.

I’ve seen some of the examples of offensive signs at tea party rallies, but they are from individuals in the crowd and not indicative of the organizers or the featured speakers. These offenders are the exception rather than the norm. Contrast that to a May press conference held by the Missouri NAACP. Local NAACP leaders, along with a national board member, defended men charged in 2009 with beating up a black man who was apparently beaten for no other reason than because he was supporting the tea party movement. It was a press conference in which the victim was derisively referred to as a “Negro” and an “Uncle Tom.”

Who’s really offensive? Who’s out of line? Who’s making race the issue? I’d say the NAACP.

The NAACP should only propose resolutions that they have exercised themselves. The Tea Party, having only been active for a year and half, is the only group being singled out for racism in today’s society. There are races committed to the destruction of our entire nation and the Tea Party is being targeted as a threat. Perhaps it is a threat. The existence of the NAACP, and others like it, are threatened by the existence of the Tea Party. The reality is that “colored people” no longer require the assistance from others for advancement in 2010.

These groups run to the rescue of distressed brown people only when the media deems it newsworthy. Meanwhile, there are inner city black children who continue to grow up fatherless while sharing a neighborhood with stray bullets, drugs and a plethora of liquor stores on every corner. To my understanding of the” I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. King’s intention was far from gang-banging and gangster rap.

I don’t believe that the true meaning of this nation’s creed was to move black people from one form of slavery to another. The NAACP has been completely ineffective in my lifetime, and the lack of leadership in the black community has contributed to the ability of these groups to speak on behalf of the rest of us. The ignored and forgotten society that lives among the projects has been abandoned by the likes of NAACP. And, along with other groups and individuals that rode in the coat-tails of MLK, they are irrelevant but continue to feed off of the codependence that they have created among blacks for validation.

Once this is realized by the forgotten society, race in this country will be as irrelevant as those who thrive off of it

And now the Council on American-Islamic Relations has jumped on board. Remember how they publicly denounced the extremist elements within their organization? No? Me either.

Maybe Janeane Garofalo can explain why Obama’s liberal critics are racist.

The master plan of the evil Republicans is failing miserably.

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