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Posted on July 29, 2010


A whistleblowing teacher was fired for exposing teacher thefts of student food. The principal who fired her claims that Mayer also took the lunches herself, which Mayer denies. Mullen-Bavwidinsi also claimed that Mayer took some of the lunches home for her own children. The teacher makes a pretty compelling argument that she’d be unlikely to expose a practice in which she partook, especially with such wide dissemination. Not only that, but Mayer also points out that feeding her children food that had been left out for hours wouldn’t be particularly smart.

The district and the principal also claimed that Mayer’s claims were “unfounded,” which seems to contradict the accusations Mullen-Bavwidinsi makes against Mayer. Was Mayer the only teacher stealing food, then? Several students went on the record to support Mayers’ claims, saying that their friends had gone without food because of staff poaching of the lunches. Mayer also produced an e-mail exchange between her and the principal that seems to cast doubt on the official story:

In an e-mail to Mayer sent on July 17, Mullen-Bavwidinsi told her to leave the matter alone.

“Since you are NOT in charge of DOL incentives as part of your charge, I will respectfully ask that you NOT concern yourself with this issue,” she wrote.

When reached at her school last week, Mullen-Bavwidinsi said that teachers are not allowed to eat the lunches and that she didn’t recall sending the e-mail. She declined to comment further.

I’ll bet she declined to comment further. That doesn’t sound like, “The problem is all in your head.” It sounds more like, “Shut up.” This looks like a case for an Inspector General.

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