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James Cameron says “we’re” going to have to do with less

October 21, 2010



Green Job Lies

September 24, 2010


The Obama administration has insisted that their policies and subsidies have created a boom in so-called “green jobs,” with an additional 200,000 positions created in the alternative-energy or environmental industries.  How did the White House get that number?  Chuck Grassley has been demanding an explanation, and as Byron York reports, the numbers suddenly look more […]

A Cost-Benefit Analysis For Solar Panels On Your House.

August 2, 2010


Rated at SEER 11 when it was new, my old air conditioning unit was a contractor-grade raging piece of inefficient shit. Limping along via patchwork for the last two years, it had to run almost constantly to keep the house even semi-cool. The new unit I had installed in April of this year is a […]

What Do I Find Interesting Today?

July 13, 2010


Our economy; No country has ever taxed their way out of debt or taxed their way into prosperity. We cannot possibly get ourselves out of this flood of debt.  The only thing we can do is convince foreign investors that we are serious about doing so.  And the only way to convince them is by […]

F@#king booming school

July 9, 2010