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Selective Transparency for this Administration

July 29, 2010


Barack Obama and the Democrats don’t want people to see how the SEC does its work, and that should worry everyone who has watched the SEC blow its regulatory responsibilities over the last few years.  This is an agency that needs more oversight, not less, especially with its increased power and authority. Under a little-noticed […]

The most transparent administration ever (well… since 2009)

July 8, 2010


The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission was created by Congress and given an $8 million (tax payer’s money) to figure out what caused the 2008 financial collapse.  Since the FCIC was created it has refused to answer any questions regarding who’s on the commission and what they are being paid.  Turns out they have refused to […]

CNN: The feds are trying to block media coverage of how bad the oil spill is

July 3, 2010


I don’t think this is an “Obama problem” as much as it is a “government problem,” but of course the bold, fresh Hopenchange climate of transparency was supposed to solve this particular government problem, wasn’t it? The next question, though, is what would be waiting for CNN on the beach assuming they were allowed to […]

The most transparent administration ever… other than every other administration before

July 1, 2010


Well, who’s going to believe Fox News when they complain about access to the federal response in the Gulf?  After all, they’re nothing more than a part of the right-wing noise machine, right?  Why, I’ll bet that Sean Hannity has — er, what?  It’s not Fox News?  Must be the New York Post, then.  Rupert […]