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Liberals are like a cancer eating away at your liberty

September 26, 2010


First they came for the smokers in bars. Then the New York City Health Department banned trans fat in foods. The city then went after excess salt, required calorie counts in the menus. But now New York City is aiming to ban outdoor smoking. Advertisements

Man suing video game company for making their game too fun

August 23, 2010


Individuals are never entirely responsible for their own actions, after all. Somebody with money has to be liable. I guess ethical companies make games that are so dull and boring that they push players away after they’ve plopped down their money. For the public good, you know.

Repeal the Drinking Age

July 10, 2010


Somehow, and no one seems to even imagine how, this country managed to survive and thrive before 1984 without a national minimum drinking age. Before that, the drinking question was left to the states. In the 19th century, and looking back even before — prepare yourself to imagine horrific anarchistic nightmares — there were no […]

Nanny State: Minnesota bans Ladies Nights

July 1, 2010


James Kirkpatrick, the Commissioner of Human Rights in Minnesota, declared that Ladies Nights promotions discriminate against men and are therefore illegal in the state. Did any men actually complain about this? The entire idea of Ladies Night is to attract women to nightclubs, which usually have more men than women, and so the single men […]