Ed Schultz

Ed Shultz pandering for some racial card playing, and now simply refers to black Americans as “Africans“.


You can watch Schultz displaying his unbelievable amount of hatred for conservatives in this video:

Remember how leftists were accusing Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck of being a polarizing figure after and especially before his “Restoring Honor” rally? He was too outspoken, not nuanced enough. Well, how about this?

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz at “One Nation”: “We must fight the forces of evil – the conservatives.”

He went on to say that:

They want it for them, they don’t want it for the people. They talk about the Constitution, but they don’t want to live by it. They talk about our forefathers, but they want discrimination. They want to change this country.

If that’s not “polarizing,” I don’t know what is. “They want discrimination”? Really? Strange, I’ve never heard, say, a Tea Party speaker advocate reintroducing segregation. In fact, if memory serves me well, Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally featured several prominent African American speakers, who demanded an end to Obama’s “divide-and-conquer”-politics. If conservatives “want discrimination,” why is it that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, was happy to accept Beck’s invitation to speak at his event, that stressed moral values such as honor, honesty and respect?

As usual, it is the so-called liberals, not conservatives who are trying to divide the country and who count numerous polarizing figures such as Ed Schultz among their ranks. You’d almost think that they are simply projecting their own beliefs on the conservative movement.

Ed Schultz: What’s up with this fat slob Chris Christie?


To cleanse the palate, via Mark Finkelstein and the ‘Busters, here’s the rapier wit that’s going to bring 300,000 people out onto the National Mall just like Glenn Beck did. Not the first time he’s pursued this line of “argument” against Christie either. But let’s face it: When your material’s this good, you’re going to want to recycle it from time to time.

Out: The tea party is racist. In: The tea party is crazy. Coming soon: The tea party is … husky? We might have a problem if the left chooses to go that route in attacking. Because, given national trends — they’d be right.

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